Web Extra: E-Readers Rising

NBC News -- Fresh new data on people reading books electronically shows it's more popular than ever.

The study by the Pew Research Center shows the percentage of adults who read an e-book last year rose to 28% of the adult population.

"We're seeing a steady climb in the percentage of people reading e-books and we're seeing them own more devices they can read their e-books on," said Kathryn Zickuhr, pew lead author on the study.

Zickuhr says most people read a combination of both formats, with only 4% relying only on e-books.

Even with half the homes equipped with some sort of e-reading device, seven in ten people still opt for the traditional printed book.

The report is especially encouraging for book store owners like Sally Brewster.

"It's great news. 4 years ago we were scared to death that we would be long and gone. Everybody would be an adapter and print books would be just gone away. Now, we do not think that," said Brewster.

The number of adults who read a printed book actually increased last year.

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