National Weather Service and NASA Effected by the Shut Down


The U.S. Government's shut down will have little impact on the National Weather Service. However, NASA will feel the pinch of Monday Night’s government closure.

The National Weather Service will continue forecasting daily weather. The agency will also continue to issue warnings on winter and severe weather as needed. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) will also continue issuing advisories and forecasts. However, the NHC did post this on their Facebook Page:

Due to the shutdown of the U.S. government, postings on the NHC Facebook page will not be as timely or updated as frequently. We urge you to go directly to the NHC website at for the very latest information regarding the tropics.Rest assured the National Hurricane Center remains operational and will continue to provide its mission.”

On the other hand, NASA will furlough most of its employees. The agency will host essential personnel at Mission Control in Houston, Texas as American Astronauts are currently located at the International Space Station.

Like many government websites, NASA’s website has been temporally removed. Click here to view NASA's current website.

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