U.S. Senate Candidate Col. Rob Maness Raises Support at Town Hall Meeting

WEST MONROE - Col. Rob Maness is running for U.S. Senate as the voters' alternative to experienced candidates.

"The citizens of this state and the citizens of the United States of America are ready for citizen legislation again," says Maness.

One voter says she has grown distrustful of established Republican and Democratic candidates. She has decided to support Maness's campaign, instead.

Pam Villagran, a Maness supporter, says, "I feel he stands for a lot of the principals I stand for."

Maness says although his grassroots campaign is not as well known he is working hard to get his message to the public.

"That is what it takes, a campaign of positive policy solutions to the nation's problems," says Maness.

One interested voter says he did not know much about Maness until listening to his views at the town hall meeting, but he is now a supporter.

Frank Swayze, a Maness supporter, says, "I like what he says and what he stands for. He has a fantastic record and that is what we need."

Maness has been endorsed by former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. He says that has helped his campaign.

"She endorsed us. We appreciate that. We have seen a bump in the fundraising which is good," says Maness.

So far, Maness says he has raised over a million dollars in support of his run for office which he says belongs to the people of Louisiana.

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