Texting Law Becomes Tougher Starting Sunday

Reading or typing a simple little message steer you straight into the path of a traffic violation.


Eva Edinger says, "Every single day, every hour." 


15 year old Edinger reflects on how often she texts. 


As she takes a driving course from Ouachita Parish Transportation Director, Skeeter Boyd, she's learning a crucial lesson. 


It's one on "defensive driving."  


Edinger says, "We don't need texting. We get obsessed with it I think, but it's not crucial."  


Edinger and other teens learn this at a time when a no texting while driving law here in Louisiana just became tougher.


Starting Sunday, you can get a ticket for simply texting while behind the wheel. 


Louisiana State Trooper Spokesperson,  Mark Dennis says, "Basically what that means is an officer or trooper sees you texting down the road they can stop you just for that and don't need a second offense to stop the vehicle."


15 year old Courtney Crain is a year away from getting a driver's license.   

She says she's already getting the signals of what not to do.


Crain says,  "I think it's a big distraction. It's very dangerous."  


Trooper Dennis says, "It's important to remember there's nothing we're doing on that phone that's more important than driving that vehicle safely."          

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