'Project 41' Raising Awareness Against Sex Industry

MONROE - One organization hopes to bring awareness to a very serious problem.

'Project 41' held a one mile walk at Kiroli Park to raise awareness against pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking.

A number of participants showed support by wearing the number one on their shirts.

Organizers raised money for the cause by collecting registration fees of five and ten dollars.

Group members say the number one is significant to a Bible verse that represents everything the organization stands for.

Mackenzie Townsend, an event organizer, says,"The good shepherd will leave the 99 sheep to go after the one sheep that is lost. That is our heart. That is the core of Project 41. We believe if just one girl gets out of that lifestyle because of what we are doing, its completely worth it."

Walk for the One organizers believe the group has raised approximately four thousand dollars. That money will go toward helping women and men from Ouachita Parish, who have suffered from abuse.

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