Making an Effort to Save Honey Bees

There's more to honey bees than stingers and honey.

Amy Weeks, a local bee keeper, says,"Honey bees are this vast population of pollinators. They are this little population in one location and they will go out and very effectively pollinate some of the food they we enjoy like the fruits and nuts."

Weeks says honey bees are hard workers for the food industry, but they're facing a lot of environmental problems. The bee population has been on the decline in recent years due to many factors.

"A variety of issues coming together against the honey bee to create a perfect storm of challenge so the honey bee is declining in health," says Weeks.

Weeks says losing the honey bee and similar pollinators would be terrible for the economy, especially farmers. She says bees can quickly pollinate acres of fruit in a matter of days paving the way for farmers to continue caring for their crops.

"Could you imagine going to a tree and having to hand pollinate the blossoms? That is very impractical," says Weeks.

Billions of dollars could be lost in the food industry without the help of the hard working bees. Weeks says people can help keep the bees in business by gardening.

"Plant flowers. Plant lots and lots of flowers. Honey bees do better when they have multiple food sources to go to," says Weeks.

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