Local Neighborhood Struggles with Nasty Tap Water

Would you drink water that looks like this? Cary Hatfield says this is the water that comes out of her faucets every time she turns on the sink.

"Its brown. Its gotta film on it. Its nasty. You can not drink it. There is no way you can drink that," says Hatfield. 

Hatfield says the water pouring out of her shower head is just as dirty, and it has stained all of her bathroom fixtures.

She says its impossible to get clean using the water in her shower.

"Very frustrating because when you are taking a shower you never know if its gonna be bown or what. Most of the time its going to be brown or a nasty film color. Its just like you never took a bath," says Hatfield.

The water bill is only $30 dollars a month, Hatfield says, but she is refusing the pay the bill until she gets clean water.

"I'm not drinking it, but don't think I should pay for something that I'm not drinking either," says Hatfield.

The water is provided by Southwest Ouachita Waterworks. Representatives at Southwest Ouachita Waterworks say they have not received any complaints and could not comment on the situation at this time."

Hatfield says she has shown pictures of the dirty water to the company, but nothing has changed.

"I think they just need a new water system because I am not the only one," says Hatfield.

Other neighbors also complained about the dirty water saying it has been an issue for years. THey all hope something will be done to correct the problems.

"I would just like somebody to do something about it," says Hatfield.

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