Education Leaders React to Common Core Testing Debate

The war over Common Core testing continues while the biggest question of the upcoming school year remains unanswered. How will students be tested?

BESE member, Walter Lee, says,"Now its a question of what do we do now? I dont see any easy answers to that question."

Education leaders say they're not surprised that a compromise has not been reached, but they will continue to do what is best for students.

Monroe City Schools Superintendent, Brent Vidrine, says,"Whatever test and procedures they come up with. We will adapt to it and move forward with the best procedure for our students."

Some BESE members say they don't believe a compromise is the answer. They support Gov. Bobby Jindal in opposing Common Core and say they think Superintendent John White is trying to bypass Louisiana state law.

BESE member, Jane Smith, says,"I think the Gov. made it perfectly clear to John White that he will follow state law. PARCC and Common Core are almost crumbling before our eyes, and here we have a superintendent that wants to run toward it."

BESE members do not believe Jindal or White will be able to come to an agreement without going to court, but they have an idea of what Louisiana should do.

Smith says,"What we need to do is develop our own set of standards and develop our own set of test questions. It will save us millions and millions of dollars."

In the meantime, education leaders ask parents and students to have faith in their teachers and school systems.

"Schools will begin the year and will teach whatever curriculum, methods and procedures they have in place," says Lee. 

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