Duck Dynasty Family Member Talks Decision to Run for Congress

Zach Dasher is a Calhoun business man and a cousin of the Duck Dynasty clan. This is his first time running for office. He says its time for ordinary citizens to get off the sidelines and get involved on the political field.

Dasher says,"You know this is something that I feel really called to do."

Dasher is a Republican. He is running on a platform built on his faith in God and family.

"I believe that the intellectual ellites in Washington have forgotten where our rights come from. They come from God not a group of political thinkers," says Dasher. 

He believes representatives are meant to protect the rights given to us by God, but Dasher says the government is currently stepping on those rights.

"The EPA is seeking to take control of all our farm land with their ridiculous ditch rule, which if it has a puddle or a ditch on it, the EPA says we have a right to control that land. That's an infringement on property rights, and I'm against that," says Dasher.

Adopting a balanced budget amendment and overhauling the Department of Veteran's Affairs are other issues Dasher says he would like to address if elected to office.

Dasher is also in favor of market based solutions to health care reform and a tax code that does not punish achievement.

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