Do Anti-Texting Laws Make Us Safer on the Road?

A new study released today claims laws that ban texting while driving may not be very effective.

The study, done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, focused on four states that recently passed laws banning texting while driving: Louisiana, California, Minnesota and Washington. Accident numbers for those states were compared to nearby states, whose anti-texting laws didn't change over that period.

Louisiana was compared to Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Compared to those states, the study found the number of crashes actually went up 3% after the ban was put in place in 2008. The study says this could be because people are now trying to hide their cell phone use so they don't get caught. And researchers say that could distract drivers even more.

But highway officials defend the bans, saying they've just started enforcing it, so we may not be seeing the effects just yet.

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