Neville High School student presented life-saving Pack 'N Plays to University Health Conway today

MONROE, La - One 17 year old Neville High School student is going above and beyond to give back to her community.

Sona Sharma has collected more 30 pack 'n plays to give to University Health Conway. She was recognized for it early this morning.

Sharma says she wanted her help to be meaningful, beyond raising money or donating food. After hearing that Northeast Lousiana has high numbers of sudden infant deaths, she decided to collect play pens --to give parents a safer place for their newborn to sleep.

"I wanted to do something that had a bigger impact  than something that was like everyday kind of thing cause I was like in a sorority and we used to do food banks but that is just -- I wanted to do something bigger," says Sona Sharma.

For now, her mission is to make sure new babies have a place to call home. Her younger brother hopes to pick-up the mission after she graduates from Neville.

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