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Kidney Disease: Limiting Fluids

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Healthy kidneys balance the amount of fluid that enters and leaves the body.
If your kidneys cannot maintain this fluid balance, you may need to limit your fluid intake.
First- what is considered a fluid?
Fluids are anything you drink but also any foods that are liquid at room temperature
such as ice creams or gelatins.
Tips for decreasing fluid intake are only drink when you are thirsty, not out of habit or to be social, measure out the amount of water you will drink in a day, and take your medication with your mealtime liquids.
Hints to control your thirst are suck on a lemon wedge when you are thirsty, eat less salt, suck on a few ice chips, drink cold fluids to help quench your thirst.
While it may be difficult to do, it is often necessary to limit your fluid if you have kidney disease.
Always consult with you doctor to set your fluid intake limits.

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