Tipitina's Foundation: Sunday Youth Workshop

Since 2006, Tipitina's Foundation has hosted Sunday Youth Music Workshops to serve young
musicians in the greater New Orleans area with a need for expanding their musical horizons.
These free workshops gather ambitious young musicians in a group setting with accomplished,
professional musicians to give them a musical experience unlike any other in the region.

Sunday Youth Music Workshops deliver a hands-on, improvisational approach to music
education, giving students the opportunity to perform alongside veteran musicians on a
professional stage

Youth Programs Mission
Tipitina's Foundation Youth Programs strive to preserve Louisiana's unique musical cultures
through music education and by providing valuable resources for the next generation of
Louisiana musicians.

Sunday Youth Music Workshops
Sunday Youth Music Workshops give music students a hands-on, improvisational approach to
music education, with the opportunity to perform on a professional stage alongside veteran

Benefits of SYMWs
· Give students the opportunity to receive individualized instruction from professional
local & national musicians
· Expose students to an array of musical genres, including those indigenous to Louisiana
· Keep musical traditions alive through the transmission of culture to younger generations
· Build upon basic skills learned in school music programs, while challenging students with
new musical concepts
· Prepare students for future performance opportunities, with a focus on improvisation
and collaborating with other musicians
· Develop self-confidence
· Provide an outlet for students to use creative energy in a constructive way

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