Technology Spring Cleaning

West Monroe -- With the idea of a fresh start and getting our lives in order, we should get our digital life in order too. Did you know the light from your TV, computer or tablet may be keeping you up at night? New wearables not only track your workout but your sleep too! Tech Spring Cleaning can help. It’s all about getting up to speed with the latest technology as well as making sure we do those things we should have been doing (but probably haven’t been doing) all year long like making sure our gear is clean and operational, backing up and protecting our friends and contacts, getting rid of that rat’s nest of wires behind the desk, cleaning out social media and updating our privacy settings.

About Chris Leary

No stranger to technology and consumer electronics, Chris anchored TechTV’s half hour news show and also hosted their weekly half-hour “new products” show in 2003 and 2004. He has appeared on The View, FOX Kids Network and the FOX Family Channel and he was co-host on the ABC reality show, Master of Champions. For the past 12 years Chris has hosted FOX Radio’s national weekly music countdown.

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