Tax Scams with Jo Ann Deal

TAX SCAMS are costly

KARD: There is never a shortage of Tax scams!
BBB: The IRS has begun its campaign to warn taxpayers about IDENTITY THEFT. From Baton Rouge and IRS spokes person reminds us that in North Louisiana and Southern Mississippi a group cheated church members out of large amounts of money by setting up appointments with congregations to get a great deal on the fee to prepare the returns.

KARD: What other schemes are there?
BBB: In New Orleans a tax preparer padded the refund claims and had the refund check sent to herself so she could get her part out of the return!

KARD: Are there any Monroe Area stories?
BBB: Last year a consumer reported a tax preparer have refunds sent to himself and having clients met him to go to money desks and give him a cut of the cashed refund after they had already paid him a a preparer fee.

KARD: Are there tips to select a tax preparer?
BBB: At there a very specific instructions and you can ask for credentials to check out tax preapers. Just a few tips are
-Never use a preparer who claims to obtain larger refunds
-Avoid those who base their fee on a percentage of the refund
-Consider if they will be around if you are audited

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