Perfect Winter Party at Home

With record breaking temperatures across the country this winter, you may be experiencing some cabin fever! Throwing the perfect winter party at home is the best way to beat the cold temps and have some fun with friends. Whether it’s setting up some fun activities or cooking up a healthy and delicious meal for your guests, you can make the most of your time indoors by turning your home into everyone’s favorite winter destination.

Tracy Metro is known as a Ringmaster of the DOMESTIC CIRCUS. She does everything under the Big Top (of the home that is) and she entertains audiences while she’s at it! Tracy is not just a domestic do-it-yourself-er…she’s an accomplished designer, organizer, party planner, shopper, cook, carpenter and crafter. Yes, Tracy is a veritable plate spinner, and no, Tracy doesn't shop retail. If she can’t plan it, design it, build it or re-purpose it, she’ll find it at a thrift store…for pennies on the dollar!

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