Louisiana Delta Field of Dreams


You're invited to participate in the Louisiana Delta Field of Dreams.  This community wide event will be held on August 8th, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at the Walking Path and Gazebo beside the East CarrollParish Hospital.

Uncle Si Robertsonfrom A&E'sDuck Dynasty, his daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson, and Mountain Manwill be our town's special guests, along with Pastor Jonathan Wiggins.

Pastor Wigginsissenior pastor of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, CO. For some time, members of Resurrection Fellowship have been making information gathering and service trips to Lake Providence, each personinvesting in our area at his or her own expense. They don't see their service as charity. They have a God-given love for our town and a desire to shape eternity.

This summer, together with people from our area, Resurrection Fellowship will begin work on the largest and most crucial piece of this mission to build unity and foster hope in Lake Providence. At an estimated cost of $800,000.00, our current little league baseball field with its deteriorating field, benches, bathrooms, and concession stand will be transformed into a state of the art complex. The brand new Eugene Haley Baseball Complex will be a jewel in our small town.Byron Grams, a new resident to Lake Providence, transplanted from Loveland and currently on staff with Resurrection Fellowship will be maintaining the three-field complex upon it's completion.


For many of our kids, and grandkids, playing at a park of this quality will be like living out a dream, hence the name chosen for this event,Louisiana Delta Field of Dreams.Thisfestival is designed to spread awareness of the new baseball complex and to help raise financial assistance. WhileResurrection Fellowship is committed to funding the renovation, our hope is that this evening of fun and fellowship will allow Lake Providence residents the opportunity to be invested and involved from the ground up.Let's step up to the plate!

Special thanks to Resurrection Fellowship, for handling the power, sound, and lighting for the entertainment stage.

The festival is also grateful for the support of Sheriff Wydette Williams and his office. They'll be serving hotdogs and hamburgers during the event with all profits going to the ball field project. The Sheriff's office also has our gratitude for agreeing to assist with crowd control and parking.

We need people willing to staff festival booths. There'll be no charge for booth space, but each booth will be asked to recoup their costs and donate the profits to the ball-field project. A list of possible booth ideas is included at the close of this letter.  Individuals, churches, civic groups, and even family units can staff these booths. Please note: these booths will not have access to electricity. Registration forms for the booths are available at Jehovah Java coffee shop. Carey Tomlinsonwill be acting as Booth Manager and can be reached at 318.559.0498, with any questions.

Kelly Boyetthas designed a beautiful LA Delta Field of Dreams festival t-shirt.  The proceeds of which will be going to the ballpark project. Please support your town by purchasing t-shirts, encouraging others to do so, and ordering as early as possible to allow Kelly to estimate the number of shirts needed. Order forms for the t-shirts are also available at Jehovah Java coffee shop.

Sponsorships of any size for the LA Delta Field of Dreams festival are encouraged and appreciated. $100 sponsorships, and above, will be listed on the festival t-shirts. While donations are welcome anytime, the deadline to be on t-shirts is July 8th.

The walking path will be clear and available for those who want to use it during the event and a limited number of tables and chairs will be provided for seating. Festivalgoers are strongly advised to bring their own folding chairs to the event.

Please find the attached list of the variety of ways individuals, and churches,can be involved.

Please stay tuned, as other possibilities are in the works for this wonderful evening and will be announced at a later date. We hope to see you there!

Thank you and may God bless, unite, and restore this town that's called by His name.

Contact Shellie Tomlinson at 559-0319 if you, or your church, are just itching for a festival job. There's a ton to do before August 8th and it would be greatly appreciated!


Ways to Get Involved

Have a booth (or sponsor someone who wants a booth by helping them buy their supplies).

Get your t-shirt early and encourage others to do so.

Make a financial donation.

We'll need volunteers to man Jump Houses, possibly youth groups or school groups.

Volunteer to sit in the dunking booth.

Pray for good weather.



Possible Booths

Face Painting

Hair Bows/Braiding

Jewelry, i.e. Bracelet Making

Balloon Animals

Sand Art

Baked Goods

Water Bottles/Sodas

Candy Snow-cones

Guess # of items in a jar

(Winner gets the jar)

Simple games like:bob for apples; pick up a duck, etc.



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