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Zachary "ZBANKZ" Dupree was born on October 5, 1991 in the small town of Crossett, Arkansas. At age 5 is when Zach first realized that his calling in life was to entertain & put smiles on peoples face. Zach participated in elementary school drama activities & musical productions. Continuing to stay involved in many school functions, Zach, his mom, & younger sister relocated to the West Monroe, Louisiana in the beginning of him going to middle school. Zach entered Good Hope Middle School & it was from that point on he decided to pursue his passion for another field of entertaining, music. In 2010 Zach joined forces with his cousin & Author Shanna Stroud as coordinator for her new company Zeb Ink Notes (Independent Publishing Company). Zach & Shanna Stroud interacted with millions of Independent Entrepreneurs across the globe & gave there brand, music, books, & any Independent Business Owners recognizing them for the Independent Projects . On October 5, 2011, Zach Launch his company In-Life Entertainment (Music, Entertainment ,& Fashion) where he serves as CEO. While serving as Coordinator for Zeb Ink Notes, he went on to circulate around the music scene & fashion scene working with numerous models & musicians on the rise.

Author Shanna Stroud born July 24, 1978 is the CEO of Zeb Ink Notes Productions and founded the All Purpose Show in 2012 where Zach joined in as CO-Host collaborating their two company's together to place independent entrepreneurs on their panel & interview a wide variety or musicians, authors, sports stars, & the list goes on & on. She is also a self published
author of three books entitled “Patients of Interlude”, “Grieving Pieces”
and “Rejected for Loving Jesus.” Her books can be found at amazon.com or lulu.com.
Her company Zeb Ink Notes was nominated in the “Arkansas Ubran Music Awards” for the “Buzz of The Year” in 2011. She has participated in the “BET Lens On Talent” contest in 2009, submitted a short film entitled “My Gurls”. She has worked with Ashley “Nikole Kay” Lechimon that was a finalist for the next host of BET 106 & Park as her PR and Media outlet in 2012. She is the founder and editor of “Shanna Plugins Magazine” which will feature independent entrepreneurs that fall in the categories of all types of music artist, authors, films directors, and models. She is also an Adult Blog Talk Radio host for "Ms. Sweet Nothings" that airs on Monday Nights at 11:30PM CST.
Shanna is the founder of "The Un D's Foundation". The foundations donate to families that are in need of new undergarments such as Socks, Bra's, and Underwear for Men/Women/Children/Teens.

Later that year in September, Zach along with Shanna Stroud began working with "Entertainment Personality" Nikole Kay as she her journey towards becoming the next host of BET's 106 and Park The Search Competition. Zach severed as her manager, senior promoter, & handled media relations. Nikole Kay went on to become one of the leading finalist in the competition. That experience opened up so many doors for Zach as well as the All Purpose Show. That same month the trio went to the BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 Weekend taking part in events with Rap Superstars T.I., Trina, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown & the list continues.

At the very top of the New Year the opportunity of a lifetime. The All Purpose Show was given the opportunity to take the show from YouTube to two Television Network. FOX 14 KARD/KTVE int Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi. On January 12, 2013 the All Purpose Show aired it's 1st televised segment. Along with working with Nikole Kay another great opportunity in NYC came fell into place. The following month he headed out to New York City along side Shanna Stroud to film the All Purpose Show as well as Nikole Kays up and coming show "Video City Atlanta". for After his return from NYC Zach continued to deliver with Shanna with the All Purpose Show. Zach relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas & also Executive Manager for his Little Brother Hip Hop Recording Artist CHUCKBANG, going on to perform all over the South and numerous hip hop and R&B Artist across the South.

On April 22, 2013 Zach decided to resign as CO-Host of the All Purpose Show due to creative differences after 3 Successful years in partnership with Shanna Stroud but the duo are still in partnership in severeal projects. Zach joined forces with Filmmaker/Producer SaTonya Ford & the SaTonya Ford Studios to host the Red Carpet for DISH Networks & EGTV Premiere of the movie "Pregnant By The Pastor The Aftermath" Labor Day Weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas. He also made a special cameo in the film "Community Cove" for the National Film Competion "48 Hour Film Festival" which placed second in the state of Arkansas.

Late December 2013 Dupree & Stroud struck national attention when they were slected to be guest on the Nationwide Talk Show "The Bill Cunningham Show" in New York City. Zach & Shanna are currently hosting major events all over the South.

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