Improving Our Public-Private Hospital & Reforming Medicaid

Leadership Forum: "Improving Our Public-Private Hospital Partnerships, Reforming Medicaid"
Hosted by David Vitter
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Monroe Chamber Board Room
212 Walnut Street
Monroe, La

This one is part of his campaign for Governor in 2015.
He's been hosting a series of these Leadership Forums around the state on key issues to hear from experts, and leaders on each issue.
The others have been on K-12 education, workforce development/skills training, and higher ed. Next week he'll be hosting one on transportation and infrastructure.
David Vitter, candidate for Governor of Louisiana in 2015, will be hosting a leadership forum in Monroe on August 27, titled "Improving Our Public-Private Hospital Partnerships, Reforming Medicaid." A press availability will be held at 10:45 a.m. CT at the end of the forum.

· Improving Our New Public-Private Hospital Partnerships
· Reforming and Improving Medicaid
· Expanding Preventative and Primary Care
· Leading Through Reforms to the State's Employee Health Coverage
The Honorable Sherri Smith Buffington, Louisiana State Senate
The Honorable Jim Fannin, Louisiana House of Representatives
Mr. Greg Feirn CEO, Louisiana Children's Medical Center
Mr. Don Gregory, Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
Mr. Rod Huebbers, CEO, University Health
Dr. Lester Johnson, CEO, E.A. Conway Medical Center
Ms. Kay Katz, Commissioner District 5, Louisiana Tax Commission
The Honorable Kathy Kleibert, Secretary Department of Health & Hospitals
Mr. Lansing Kolb, CEO, Medico, LLC
Ms. Evalyn Ormond, CEO, Union General Hospital
Mr. Matt Roberts, CEO, Glennwood Regional Medical Center
Reverend James Smith, Economic Development Advisor, City of Rayville
The Honorable Mike Walsworth, Louisiana State Senate
Mr. Scott Wester, President and CEO, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
The Honorable Wydette Williams, Sheriff, East Carroll Parish
Ms. Kristin Wolkart, COO, St. Francis Medical Center
Vitter is hosting his final of five forums next week in Baton Rouge.
Building World-Class Infrastructure to Grow Jobs and Relieve Traffic Congestion
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Baton Rouge

Each forum includes opening remarks by Vitter; discussion among leading citizens and experts led by Vitter; and press availability.
Vitter has already held the following Leadership Forums:
· "Dramatically Improving K-12 Education" in Shreveport on August 12, 2014
· "Developing Great Jobs and the Skilled Workforce to Fill Them" in Lafayette on August 19, 2014
· "Stabilizing and Building Excellence in Higher Education" in Baton Rouge on August 21, 2014

NOTE: The event is not a public forum

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