Mitral Valve Prolapse

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Mitral valve prolapse is a common heart valve problem.
With this condition, the valve that separates the chambers of the left side of the heart doesn’t open and close properly.
Typically, this does not cause a problem and requires no treatment.
But sometimes, the valve cannot keep blood moving in one direction and a tiny amount leaks backward.
Most cases of Mitral valve prolapse are not serious.
But in some cases, the condition progresses to a serious problem that requires surgery.
Mitral valve prolapse may not cause symptoms.
If you do have symptoms, you may have mild chest pain, pounding or racing heart, shortness of breath when lying down, or trouble breathing with activity.
Mitral valve prolapse rarely needs treatment, unless symptoms are severe.
Medications can help relieve symptoms.
If you have Mitral valve prolapse discuss your options with your healthcare provider today.

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