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Pressure ulcers also known as bed sores happen when pressure on the skin cuts off the blood supply.

This causes the skin and the tissue below the skin to break down.

Pressure sores usually occur when a person lies or sits one way for too long.

They can be painful and slow to heal.

Anyone who can’t move about freely is at risk for pressure sores.

The biggest risk factors are being confined to a bed or wheelchair and being unable to change positions without help from someone else.

Skin irritation adds to these risks.

Pressure sores form where bone presses the skin against the bed or chair.

This is most likely to happen in places where there is less padding between the skin and the bone- such as on the head and feet and around joints like the shoulder, hip and knee.

Prevention is key- but if you think you are developing a pressure ulcer – you should contact your doctor or home health nurse right away.

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