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Guarding Your Health and Safety

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Accidents happen—and can cause more lasting damage to your health than illness or disease.
You can prevent most accidents.
Try implementing ways to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.
Prevent the spread of disease.
Wash your hands with soap before meals, after you use the toilet, after touching pets, and after being outdoors.
Don’t share personal care items.
When outside, protect your skin by applying sunscreen.
Brush and floss your teeth every day. Have your teeth cleaned every 6 months.
Prepare food safely.
Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
Clean cutting boards and counters with hot soapy water.
Use disposable towels rather than sponges.
Store medicines, chemicals, and sharp items out of reach of children and pets
Install smoke detectors outside the kitchen and the bedrooms.
Test batteries twice a year.
Always be aware of your environment and how you can make it better.

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