Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

Not sure what to give the dad or grad in your life? Help them capitalize on their downtime while making their worktime or job-seeking more efficient.

Chris Leary has great gift ideas:

- What about putting on (or owning) a jetpack that lets you fly over the water or do dolphin dives into it?
- Or what about a phone that learns which messages are most important to you and prioritizes them for you in a special place away from all your other messages?

Some additional ideas to help make their time more efficient:

Predictive technology is the new buzz word and what it means is that our computers and phones learn what we do and how we react and then do it for us. Dads’ businesses keep them on the go and this helps them stay focused, prioritize their info, meetings, etc. The Grad who is heading out into the world and job searching can now be competitive, sharp, and organized with predictive technology. We’ve got some great tools that learn what they do and will do it for them.

For downtime, Chris Suggests items like this:

With so much going on both the Dad and the Grad need to be able to make the most of the moments when there’s a little downtime by enjoying family, by getting the best entertainment experience (on any screen), or getting out and pushing the envelope. Above is called flyboarding and we’ll be showcasing how you can give this experience or the actual flyboard to the dad or grad on your list. They’ll never forget it!

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