Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl: Helping People in Need Across the World

KTVE 10 STUDIOS -- Someone, somewhere in the world is struggling just to find something to eat every day. But there's one program hoping to give to those struggling with hunger.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl, is a Lenten program known for its colorful cardboard rice bowl. It's as a way to help transform the lives of those in need.

The program is in its 39th year with more than 13,000 schools participating in the program.

Last year, CRS Rice Bowl raised over $7 million to support programs overseas bringing sustainable solutions to fight poverty and hunger. Twenty-five percent of Rice Bowl donations remain in the diocese where they are raised to address local needs.

Thomas Awiapo, joined us KTVE 10 News Today by satellite and told a truly inspiring story of survival and success. Orphaned before the age of 10, Awiapo survived bleak poverty and hunger in his small African village in Ghana.

At age 12, his search for food led him to a school where CRS – with funds contributed through the Rice Bowl program – was providing lunch. Because of this food, Thomas survived and continued school, earning a master’s degree.

Today, Thomas works for CRS and trains community leaders throughout Ghana. Click the video above to watch.

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