"Alien In My Pocket"

ALIEN IN MY POCKET is an exciting new chapter book series, complete with a do-it-yourself science experiment in the back of every book! When a four-inch-tall alien crash-lands through Zack McGee's bedroom window, Zack is sure he's about to become the first victim in a new War of the Worlds. But when the alien turns out to have weapons that are more ticklish than terrifying, Zack realizes that rather than protect the world from the alien it's up to him to protect the alien in his pocket from the world.

With illustrations on every spread, do-it-yourself science experiment in the back of every book, fun scientific facts, and the hilarious adventures of Zack and Amp, this book series is the perfect gift for any young reader!

Nate Ball is the host of the Emmy and Peabody Award Winning PBS reality shows Design Squad and Design Squad Nation. An MIT graduate with a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering, Nate is also the co-founder of Atlas Devices, a two time All-American pole vaulter, and a competitive beatboxer.

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