Monroe Fire and Police Departments Host Community Day

The Monroe Fire and Police Departments kicked up some excitement in a friendly competition for community day as part of a year long rivalry.

Kecia Hamilton, with the Monroe Police Department, says,"They've played basketball in the past, and we just thought kickball would be something fun and different."

Both kids and adults participated in kickball games.The fire department won for the kid's game, while the police department was the big winner in the adult game.

However, the day was more than just a competition between the Monroe Police and Fire Departments. Its was also about educating the community.

Representatives from both departments took time to share safety advice with everyone in attendance.

Chief Terry Williams of the Monroe Fire Department says,"Basically we came out to make the community more aware of the things we do as a fire department and police department."

The police spoke about the importance of neighborhood watches and not texting while driving.

While the fire department handed out free smoke detectors with their fire safety tips.

"Its just about community awareness. Just to be aware of the things you need to know about the police and fire departments. Then we just put a fun spin on it," says Hamilton. 

Both departments agree it is important for community members to get to know emergency responders in a more relaxed setting.

"We want the community to know us in situations that are not emergencies. We want them to just come out and have some fun and get to know us while we get to know them," says Chief Williams. 

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