Monroe City Schools Budget Pending Approval

The Monroe City Schools budget for the 2014-2015 school year was a hot topic of debate at the school board meeting.

Many of the board members say they were ready to get the budget approved since revisions happen during the course of the year.

Dr. Brent Vidrine, the Monroe City Schools Superintendent, says,"The budget is a working document that we move throughout the year. We've got changes that happen all the time. We make adjustments to the budget as we go."

But some members want to review the budget more since some spending items are not matching up.

Monroe City School Board member,Vickie Krutzer, says,"Well I just have some questions as I am comparing last year's budget with line items and totals to this year's budget."

A school administrator also brought up a difference found in the school board budget.

Roosevelt Wright, the Executive Director of Excellence Academy, says,"We looked at the budget, but only at the part that affected our school, and some of the numbers there didn't jive with the numbers we had."

Some board members say they were not ready to vote to approve the budget without getting it revised. To put the minds of some board members at ease, the budget has been tabled to be approved at the next meeting held August 5th.

The school board says they want to make it clear the money being spent is going toward the right place. They say their ultimate goal is to have the majority of the budget going toward educating kids in the classrooms.

"Governmental accounting is not easy, but these are questions because I wanna see. Our goal is to get 70% of our budget into the classroom whether it is the teachers or through salaries that way," says Krutzer. 

Many school board members say they have no doubt that all questions will be answered as the budget is revised. They say it should be approved in the next meeting.

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