Middle School Archery Team Needs Help to Attend Nationals

El Dorado -- The Washington Middle School archery team has qualified for nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.

"It feels pretty good. We've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

This will be the first year the archery team has made it to nationals.

"This is our first year to qualify and make it this far. It is something that each year we have gotten better and closer and closer. This year we finished top 3 in the state."

These students practice for an hour each day working to perfect their craft.

"This is our room that they have given us here at the school. We have been very fortunate to have that this year. We pretty much practice everyday between that 10 and 11 hour."

"We've been practicing very hard and doing the best we can."

But one thing is standing in their way of going to the competition.

"We do need money....that is true."

"We have a budget of about $12,000 that we are trying to raise and right now we are sitting at about $8,000. We have gotten a lot of support and we are almost there. We just need a little more help."

"We are almost at our point...but it would be great if we had more."

The archery team will be hosting a fundraiser this weekend to help raise money.

"We actually have a fundraiser coming up. We are hosting a dinner at Fayray's Restaurant downtown on the El Dorado square, Saturday, April 26th."

Their money has to be in by May 2nd, but if you would like to make a donation or be a sponsor, contact Chris Ezell at Washington Middle School.

Their number is (870)864-5032. Call between the hours of 8 a .m. - 3:30 p.m.

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