Microsoft to Sell XBOX One without Kinect to Compete with Sony

In the home gaming market, Microsoft is taking steps to compete with their biggest rival. They will now sell the Xbox One without the Kinect camera.

Until now, Microsoft touted the Kinect as a must-have accessory and bundled it with every system for $499. They said, by forcing all  users to buy the camera, developers could make games knowing every Xbox One user one.

Not so anymore... Starting June 9th, they'll sell the Xbox One for $399 without the Kinect.

That's the same price that rival Sony sells their PlayStation 4. Sony also has a camera accessory, but has never forced users to purchase it.

Another move Microsoft is making is dropping the requirement that users be subscribed to their online "Xbox Live Gold" service to use other features they already pay for like Netflix and Hulu.

This, again, brings them closer to doing what rival Sony does on their PlayStation systems, since Sony has never charged a premuim to use those extra services.

Sales figures show the PlayStation 4 has sold at a faster rate than the Xbox One since the consoles were launched in November.

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