Local radio station owner goes to Key West to keep shop running during Hurricane Irma

MONROE, La - Bob Holladay, went to the Florida Keys to keep the only live radio station up and running during Hurricane Irma.

But his wife, Sherri, stayed behind to help keep things afloat here in Monroe.

Bob Holladay's station, WWUS, became the only source of communication in Key West during Hurricane Irma.
Important weather updates from FEMA went out on the radio because cell and internet service went down.

"People don't realize just how important the radio becomes when cellular goes out and wireless goes out," according to Sherri.

But Holladay's wife, Sherri, stayed in Monroe and that hasn't been so easy for her.

"Apprehensive? Absolutely. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I wasn't. You're always concerned. They're dangerous storms."

When Bob was finally able to contact his wife, it came in an unusual way.

"After the cellular went out, the one area that Bob was able to contact me was a landline that was still operational in one of the studios."

Safe to say Sherri was ecstatic to finally hear back from her husband even if it was through an "ancient" form of communication.

Sherri is hoping the staff will be rotated out so that she can see her husband this week.

But until then, she is literally counting down the seconds of when she can see him again.

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