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Young man does news interview; later arrested as vandalism suspect

DUBACH, La -- - 19-year-old, Jason Reynolds, expresses empathy for a crime, of vandalism, committed against his neighbors.

"I'm sorry for ya'll and if ya'll need any help I'll be there," Reynolds said.

 A week later, this same young manwould be one of the eight suspects arrested for burglary and the vandalism that destroyed that house. 

When we first brought you this story the damage was estimated at about $40,000 dollars but now the family says it may be a lot worse the damage could possibly cost up to $100,000

This would bring this crime up from a misdemeanor to a felony.

"We are figuring that we're probably going to be pushing 60-70 thousand on just repairing what was done," Gary Wayne Dick said.

The other seven suspects are juveniles.

Only Reynolds will be charged as an adult.

All of them live within walking distance of the damaged home.

"I've never been a person to cry and i didn't cry but my heart bled..my heart really bled after seeing what was going on and seeing my dad just walk around like he didn't know what was going on," Dick said.

In another shocking twist, Reynolds may be family.

"Come to find out my dad said he and his parents are cousins which would actually make me a cousin," Dick said.

The saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

For the victims it doesn't get any closer than this.

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