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Wraparound Services changes its name and rolls out new program

Program to help with medical conditions

MONROE - Wraparound Services has shed it's name and will know be known as Ascent. They have also created a new program to help children with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and more. The program is called Biofeedback. 

"The biofeedback makes someone aware of what that feels like to be in that state and how to come back up out of that state, center yourself, calm yourself down," said Biofeedback Clinician Magen Albritton. 

Children can now go to Ascent and learn what their triggers are so that they can effectively cope with whatever issues they may have. Dana Castine, Director of Methodist Children's Home, mentioned that she has witnessed children that most would consider bad. However, she asserted they're just misunderstood.  "It's very difficult because they aren't understood and they come with a background of so much trauma from abuse and neglect previously."

So Castine said Ascent's new program would be a great benefit to the children she works with in both school and social settings.

For parents that have children that may have different medical conditions, Biofeedback provides a new way of thinking Albritton said. "What this does is provides an alternative to medication. Instead of it being the first go to, okay let's put them on medication, it provides the opportunity for someone to come in and do an assessment and see what's really going on."


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