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Woman attacked after trying to help man in ditch

WEST CARROLL Parish (The News-Star) - According to our partners at The News-Star, a woman in West Carroll Parish was attacked after she tried to help a man she saw in a ditch.

According to information from the West Carroll Parish Sheriff's Office, dispatch received a call around 7:19 a.m. Tuesday regarding a man lying a ditch in the 1900 block of Roundhill Road, West of Oak Grove.

The caller was driving by when she noticed the man and stopped to render aid and call 911.

The man in the ditch, later identified as Christian Tyler Turnbow, 25, of 2890 Roundhill Road, reportedly attacked the victim, taking her to the ground, attempting to remove the victim’s clothing and kissing her. 

A struggle ensued, and Turnbow, according to a responding officer, remained on top of the victim with his hands around her neck when the officer arrived on scene. Turnbow reportedly was forcibly removed from the victim by the officer and immediately arrested.

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