Western store to close doors after 70 years

MAGNOLIA, Ark. - From shoes to saddles and of course good customer service, co-owner, Arlina Mooney, says Buffaloe's Western Store just about has it all.

Mooney said she and her husband took over the business in 1994.

It's a reputation already set in South Arkansas, so they decided to keep the name and build on what has kept customers coming back year after year.

"Back when we bought the store you could barely read this, and that's when I first noticed it, and that's when I found this picture, and I thought that was there," said Mooney.

It sits in the heart of Magnolia.

The 70-year-old jewel will soon have its last rodeo, making its final sale.

"It'll take me a while to adjust to not having to get up and come to work," said Mooney.

She says business isn't the same.

People are ditching the mom and pop stores and finding other ways to shop.

"Times just kind of seem to kind of change," she said. "You know that Western phase just comes and goes like everything else does."

But, until the end, they will remain true to their legacy.

The owners said they wanted to keep things original right down to what you see when you pass by.

"You turn it, and it prints out your price tags," she said.

She says they will continue their good service until they close the doors.

"Now after 23 years, I'm ready to retire," she said.

Mooney says they plan to close in either June or July.

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