West Monroe Police Detective Division Moving Downtown

West Monroe, La.-- - West Monroe Police Chief Jeff Terrell said the force had 31 employees when it moved into its current location on North 7th Street. 

Now, 39 years later, the department has 74 employees, which is a recipe for a lot less space. 

"Since this building was built, we've taken in pretty much every closet, nook and cranny and are utilizing it now," Terrell said.

In the detective division, six officers are crammed into one room. 

"When you're trying to write reports or talk to people on the phone and there's five other people in there, that can be difficult," Terrell added.

What once used to be an interrogation room, is now a storage closet. 

All calling for a change, which sill soon become a reality when the division moves into a new location downtown. The main police station will remain in the same location.

The new location will be the former Chase Bank building on Natchitoches St., right down the road from the Metro Narcotics office. 

The department even plans on using the bank's vault, to store items like evidence and weapons. 

Chief Terrell said the building is more than 4,000 square feet and cost the city $265,000.

"Just having space for detectives to have their own offices, to have space for meetings. I think they'll be able to do their job better," he added.

The big move is something both the detectives and chief are excited about. 

"They're all looking forward to the move so they can get their own office," Chief Terrell said.

"[I'm] very excited. This is the first time our police department has expanded our building," he added.

The change will give the department a little breathing room and a presence downtown. 



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