Water Woes Continue in Sterlington

OUACHITA PARISH - A meeting meant to ease water concerns in the Town of Sterlington did anything but.

The town's attorney, Bryan Racer -says he  asked Ouachita Police jurors to help the town in their water development.

He says an attorney for the Greater Ouachita Water Company  told him that the deal to sell its water lines was dead.

Jury members, Scotty Robinson and Walt Caldwell, say  a water company board member  told them the board is still open to negotiating a sale.

Caldwell says jurors hope both sides can come to an arrangement. 

"We certainly encourage both parties to try to work this out and come to some sort of reasonable resolution to this matter because we desperately need to have additional water capacity in North Monroe."

Caldwell goes on to say that the police jury has been ready to move forward with this deal since December.


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