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Vigil held for murdered Monroe teen Junius Benton

Monroe, La.-- - Those close to Julius Benton call him a promising athlete, fun-loving friend and their 'Junebug'.

"He always had that beautiful smile and that little dance he do... he had dances moves," his father, Dennis Benton Jr. said. 

Yet, his life was taken too soon.

Junius was shot Tuesday night after witnesses said he was just a bystander, and was caught in the crossfire of an argument that broke out.

He was taken to the hospital by friends where he died.

Yet, today his life was remembered with a vigil.

Hundreds walked the streets, with signs and balloons in his memory.

"It's a blessing. so much love," his mother, Latasha Benton said. "It's a blessing to have so much support and love like we have had because a lot of people lose a lot of people, and you don't see nobody... and I got a community from all sides here-- together."

Just last month one of his best friends, Oterrius Sellers, was shot and killed in Monroe. 

The incidents have family members and friends calling for change. 

"We trying to start with the parents first because the parents control the kids and if we can go with the parents, the children should follow the parent's lead," Benton added.

They are also calling for an end to violence. 

"Stop the violence, put the guns down. That's what he lost his life to- a gun. He had his whole life ahad. He lost it to a violent crime... violence-- a shootout," his father said. 

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