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ULM Students and residents react to racist comments by a fraternity

MONROE,La. - University of Louisiana Monroe students and twin city residents are in an uproar about some leaked messages from a  fraternity on campus.

"In the back of your mind you know it's  a possibility you know that behind closed doors you never know who you know you're in a classroom with," said Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity member Reggie Wells.

A group chat from members of Kappa Sigma fraternity laced with racist remarks towards the black community.

"The dude just asked for a topic about a research paper and that's the first thing people talk about," Monroe resident, Nick Correro, said.

 Kappa Alpha Psi member, Ibrahim Mustapha, says the messages disturbed him.

"It's like wow that's really how they think about us that's how they perceive us," he said.

Some say they're used to seeing these kinds of things happen on social media.

"Pretty much all the things you would see on social media people hiding behind twitter on instagram," Wells said.

A dark cloud hanging over a homecoming celebration the messages now spreading like wildfire.

Fans of ULM say it's not a good look for the campus.

"I come up here every week a couple times a week you know play with all kind of different people," Monroe resident Cody Townsend said.

The only comfort students find is that someone  who was either in the chat or knew about it spoke up.

"Somebody in there even in their group message was like this really isn't right something should be said about this," Mustafa said.

"They probably thought that it was wrong they were talking about all of that and it just wasn't right," Correro said.

And to whoever that person is they say thank you.

"You have to stop people around you from having that mindset it continues to fester and grow and be passed down," Mustafa said.

"We have to get out of this, people should be coming together,"  Townsend said.

They hope this is a time for the  community and the campus to show solidarity in the face of hate.

ULM President, Nick Bruno, has suspended Kappa Sigma indefinitely.

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