ULM accepting applicants for President's Academy

MONROE, La - High school students will have the opportunity to solve a simulated pandemic thanks to ULM's President's Academy.

The week long academy hosts students who are interested in medicine, physical science, computer science and law.

Academy officials and past participants say the program offers students a real-world look at what their futures could hold.

"You're shadowing professionals, what is it really like being a doctor, what is it like working with computers at a place like CenturyLink?" says academy director, Dr. Joshua Stockley.

2012 participant, Connor Dixson, says, "it's just opened up so many doors via coming into the honors program because of this, via internships that have opened through CenturyLink... just being able to make an impression on the university just as it made an impression on me."

The deadline to apply is May 1st, though Dr. Stockley says participants who apply after that date could still be considered for the academy.

For a full list of application requirements, follow this link: http://www.ulm.edu/presidentsacademy/

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