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Two West Monroe Triplets have Babies Within 13 Hours of Each Other

Two West Monroe Triplets have Babies Within 13 Hours of Each Other

WEST MONROE, LA - For 31 years, a set of triplets have lived life together but this week two of the sisters gave birth within 24 hours of each other. 
"Never a dull moment we always had a best friend," said Robin McKee.

They've shared their lives and now two can say they were pregnant at the same time. 
"We were shocked," said Whitney Harper. 
"Always doing something our whole lives together and now getting to experience pregnancy together was fun," said Robin McKee. 

Not only did Robin and Whitney experience their pregnancies together; they had the same complications. 

"When she got the same news for the same diagnosis, it was like.... can they be anymore the same," said Christin Raley.

Preeclampsia is a condition that causes high blood pressure, swelling of hands and feet, and protein in urine. 
"You don't know how dangerous it is until the doctor starts telling you we might have to deliver your baby and being 30 weeks, I wasn't ready for that. I didn't want to have a NICU baby." said McKee. 

The condition is genetic and can be fatal for mother and baby. 
With rooms right across from each other at St. Francis, the sisters delivered a girl and a boy.  Their doctor was someone they are very familiar with: Dr. Kaufman. The doctor who brought them into the world.

"He actually delivered us so, so he's been around generation to generation," said Raley. 

Baby Laci has been released from the hospital, but baby Hunter isn't able to come home just yet. Doctors and their family are staying optimistic.

"Four to Five weeks, but we're just taking it hour by hour and the doctor and the nurses are very hopeful," said McKee. 

Eileen Greer says the situation reminds her of when she first had the triplets. 

"I just felt like God had his hand on us," said Greer. "That it was all just meant to be."

At only 13 hours apart the sisters hope the babies will share their lives.
"Later on they could probably share birthdays like we used to do," said Raley. 

Hunter and Laci have several other cousins. Hunter is baby number four and Laci is baby number five. 

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