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Two men accused of beating West Monroe woman at Mud Nationals

KTVE/KARD - (3/27/18) -- UPDATE: Videos surfaced today of Ryan Christian being assaulted after he ran to help Chelsea Sierra Swain who was being assaulted herself.

"He was on top of her agressively like hitting her and I just jumped in pushed him away and I was like that's a female! You know what I'm sayin and all of the sudden I just get attacked my hair grabbed and stuff like that held and punched," says Christian.

Christian wasn't worried about getting hurt -- he was just concerned about Chelsea.

"I didn't beat up badly. I just used natural instinct clearly obviously just to cover my face but I did lose two dread locks at that but I'm cool with that. Hair grows back," says Christian.

Some comments on facebook implied the attack might have been racially motivated. Christian's response.

"I guess a little but not all the way but deep down a lot because theyre just out there with their friends you know how some people get but i don't realy look into that i just look at the situation that was out there," says Christian.

Christian just hopes they find the guy that hurt Chelsea Swain and encourages others to donate towards her medical bills since she is a single mother.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Chelsea. If you would like to make a donation click here.


A West Monroe woman has a Good Samaritan to thank that a beating she suffered wasn't worse. Chelsea Sierra Swain is still hospitalized after being brutally attacked at the 2018 Mud Nationals. The 2018 High Lifter Mud Nationals took place in Jacksonville, Texas last week.

Chelsea Sierra Swain went to enjoy Mud Nationals and got attacked. A Good Samaritan, by the name of Ryan Christian, tried to help Swain when he was attacked. The video shows two men drunkenly attacking Christian for a while.

Chelsea was taken to a hospital where she is still receiving pain medication and is in and out of therapy. Since videos and pictures have been posted to social media, the Jacksonville Police have caught one guy and he has since deleted his account.

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