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UPDATE: Family speaks out as investigation continues into 5-year-old's death

BASTROP, La. (3/13/18) - UPDATE: 

A family is still mourning a tough loss; a child they loved gone too soon.

Five-year-old Shadarriya Bryant was so curious in her young life and eager to learn.

"I mean we got so many memories she asked a lot of questions and sometimes we would just trying to Google the answer to her questions really fast," her stepmother, Shunta Bradshaw, laughed.

However, ever since the tragedy of her Shadarriya's mysterious death, they're the ones with the questions.

Four months later the family is speaking out. They want to know once and for all what happened to Shadarriya.

What they believed, at first, to be the result of a seizure taking her life may no longer be the case.

Two family members, her great grandmother and her uncle, being arrested in connection with her death don't make it any easier.

Bonnie and Eddie Lee Bryant were both arrested by Bastrop Police. Bonnie Bryant, the great grandmother, was taken in for obstruction of justice and Eddie for failure to report the commission of certain felonies.

It doesn't mean they had anything to do with Shadarriya's death, but they may know who did.

"Knowing that two family members was involved is a hurting feeling because you've been with those family members you've hugged those family members," Bradshaw said.

"They know more than what they have told," her grandmother, Ladonna Richardson, said.

She says investigators have informed her that there was foul play involved in her granddaughter's death.

"We spoke with the police and they said she had DNA up under her fingernails so I feel like they know who did it," Richardson added.

The family hopes police find the answers they're looking for so they can finally have  closure, but they also know even those answers won't bring the little girl back that gave them so much joy.

"It hurts me the most that she didn't even get a chance to start life before it was taken from her," Richardson said.

"In a way it'll be some kind of relief but you won't have that closure because you'll never have her," Bradshaw said.

Bastrop Police Chief Allan Campbell says this is investigation is on-going.



The Bastrop Police Department has made two arrests in reference to the death of a 5-year-old.

Shadarriya Bryant's death was reported at 1009 Clara Street on November 4, 2017.

Captain Dewayne Reed with the Detective Division served an arrest warrant on Bonnie R. Bryant, 65, for one count of obstruction of justice and also on Eddie Lee Bryant, 39, for one count of failure to report the commission of certain felonies.

Both subjects have been booked at the Morehouse Parish Jail. 

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