Trump will visit Florida on Thursday

(CNN) - President Donald Trump plans to visit storm-stricken Florida on Thursday, the White House said, his third such trip to a weather devastated state after a spate of violent US weather.

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, made the announcement during Tuesday's daily briefing.

"The President's action during these times demonstrate why he's a true leader who can bring the country together and get things done for the American people," Sanders said.

Shortly after, first lady Melania Trump tweeted that she would accompany her husband to Florida on Thursday.

The White House did not specify which area of the state the President would tour during his stop, but sources told CNN he would travel to the Fort Myers area, on Florida's gulf coast.

Last month, Trump paid two visits to Texas after Hurricane Harvey tore through the state leaving behind extensive flooding.

On his first trip, he met with local and state authorities in Corpus Christi and Austin, but did not view damage or meet with victims.

Several days later, he made a second trip to Houston, where he participated in recovery efforts and met Texans who'd lost their homes.

Fort Myers sits north of where Hurricane Irma made landfall over the weekend, though the area did suffer some damage.

Other areas of the state, however, remain largely incapacitated, including the Florida Keys, where an estimated quarter of the homes were destroyed.

Parts of the US Virgin Islands also lay in Irma's path, though Trump does not currently have plans to stop there.

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