Trump Stumps for John Kennedy

WEST MONROE, La - Trump arrived in the Bayou State to a rousing reception, urging voters to support GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, John Kennedy.

"Tomorrow we need you to go to the polls and send John Kennedy to the United States Senate and that's why I'm here."

Trump levied a number of complements on the Senate hopeful.

"Kennedy is a proven leader, who's balanced-which is amazing-16 budgets, returned millions of dollars to tax payers, he's a tax cutter and he will be a true fighter for Louisiana in Washington, D.C."

Trump also gave Republican Mike Johnson, the candidate for the 4th U.S. congressional seat a shout out.

"I also need you to elect Mike Johnson in the 4th district, another fighter for Louisiana..."

But he soon turned the focus of his speech to his goals for the first 100 days in office-they include big plans for jobs, infrastructure and taxes.

"Our plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of really good paying jobs, we've lost our great jobs... We're going to undertake one of the greatest tax reforms and simplifications in American history... We're also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15%-we're going to start hiring again... I'll ask Congress to pass legislation that produces one trillion dollars of new investments in America's crumbling infrastructure."

And Trump couldn't resist an opportunity to remind voters about his campaign promises to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and to drain the swamp of Washington, D.C.

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