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Town honors the memory of a young boy killed almost 40 years ago

COLUMBIA, La -- - A family honored. A memory that was tragedy now triumph.

Ben Perot was a nine year old who loved baseball. One day he rode to a practice on his bike and never came back.

He was kidnapped and killed by a man now behind bars for life.

That was 37 years ago. 

His brother, Mark Perot,  still hurts, but also very grateful for the support of their town.

"The way the sheriff handled it at that time and the way all people came out and helped it was just unbelievable," he said.

Years turned into decades and the family was worried that people would forget little Ben.

"37 years had passed and we'd really kinda thought that it was just going to go unnoticed," Mark Perot said.
Local resident, Bob Meredith, remembers how the kidnapping and murder of ben gripped the town.
"It was something that had to be done," Meredith said.
Today kids who never even knew ben perot ride their  bikes in his memory.
The symbolism of it  to me was just overwhelming.
He took this thing and brought it up and  then all the people came and supported it 
The last place where ben was seen alive--will now carry his name.
A symbol that will make sure people remember little ben perot's name forever.
Words can't express it i just can't put it into words what it means to me and my family
What does it mean to have your son's name here on this ballpark today? I loved it.
The family overwhelmed with this act of compassion.
"No way i could thank ever..everyone whole Caldwell Parish for what they've done for us today," Perot said.
"We set out to make sure that he never got forgotten and this will ensure he's never forgotten," Meredith said.
As icing on the cake, Caldwell Parish officials have now declared June 14th "Remember Ben Perot Day" 


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