Town Hall Meeting Held To Address Violence In the Community

Monroe Resident David Collins said he wants his city to come together, after five innocent people were shot and killed in the past week. 

"Put the guns down," Collins said. "Stop fighting. We ain't fighting no body but each other. We ain't fighting no body but each other."

He lost his mother and best friend on Mother's Day. She and two others were gunned down at a home off of 3rd Street in Monroe. 

"They took two of the most precious people I've ever met," Collins added.

Two more people were killed at the Parkview apartments the same weekend.

Now, people are demanding change. 

"It's just like every weekend, every day there's another person killed," Resident Andrea White said. "Somebody's brother, somebody's dad, somebody's mom, somebody's sister. It's just like what's gonna happen in the community to stop that?"

Dozens gathered at the town hall meeting, linking arms and coming together in prayer. 

Here city leaders and citizens searched for a solution to the violence. 

"There is a solution," Reverend Ambrose Douzard, President of the local NAACP chapter said. "Sometimes we just need to take a moment to think-- is it worth me taking someone else's life?"

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