Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Talks Trump


Duck Commander's Willie Robertson set aside his duck call to enter the political arena after taking the stage at the Republican National Convention this summer.

He says it all started on a hunting trip with Don Jr.  that turned into a lasting friendship.

"I met Donald Trump Junior actually first, because I heard he was an outdoors man, and I actually invited him to come down to the house and hunt sometime," says Robertson.

Robertson says he remembers when Don Jr. first mentioned his father wanting to run for president.

"We talked about it and laughed about it, and he said he's serious, he said I think he may go for this," says Robertson.

Fast forward a few months later, and Robertson found himself as the opening speaker at the RNC with Trump as the chosen candidate among conservatives.

In January,  Robertson attended the inauguration, taking a picture with his friend Don Jr. at the ball.

Robertson is following Trump's first 100 days closely.

So we asked him about some of the recent controversies, like the travel ban.

"My understanding of the travel ban is that a, it's short term.  They were countries that this president and the president before had noted as maybe some problems for people coming in, and so I think they are trying to figure out how to vet people better, especially with a lot of refugees coming out of a lot of areas," says Robertson.

Protesters are still swarming cities across the country, whether it's Planned Parenthood marches, women's rights rallies, or the fight for immigrants.

Robertson believes every protest stems from the result of this historic election.

"I felt like Republicans really got mad at themselves, so they threw out a lot of the people who were going to run, and who you may would have thought would've been in line for the presidency, and picked someone totally different.  [The Republicans] changed the game up and said we are going in a different direction, and I feel like with the Democrats here, a lot of them are just mad at the president, and maybe not mad at their own selves for not doing a better job," says Robertson.

A new staple in the campaign and the presidency is Donald Trump's use of twitter. 

So we asked Robertson to read some of those tweets out loud, and he did. 

"I know Mark Cuban well, he backed me big time, but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls, he's not smart enough to run for president." Robertson read Trump's tweet out loud.

Robertson began to laugh.

"Now that is what I love about the president right there.  He will call you out in two seconds," says Robertson.

Robertson stands firm, backing the president on every issue.

About the time President Trump won the election, the Duck Dynasty family made news of its own, telling fans this would be the final season of their show. 

A large portion of their famous warehouse is now under construction  for the future "Duck Commander Experience," opening to visitors soon.

"We'll see what's next with TV and whether or not we'll do something.  I have a lot of ideas, a lot of opportunities, and try to make the most of it," says Robertson.

Robertson shares one hope for the future, wanting protestors to eventuall grow tired, and faith that his friend, President Donald Trump, creates a stronger economy for our nation.


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