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The search for 4-year-old Rondriez "Junior" Phillips continues

CLAIBORNE PARISH, La. - It's been nearly a month and 4-year-old Rondriez "Junior" Phillips is still missing. Four hopeful volunteers continued the search for him Saturday. 

Rumors and speculations have discouraged many, but four perfect strangers to Junior and his family say they refuse to stop looking for him. 

"I have two kids [and] if it were one of mine, I'd want everybody looking," said Lois Davis. 

"I'm mostly thinking about the mom and thinking about how if I was her, I'd want answers, I'd want to know," said Carol Bonner. 

Although these volunteers say they were saddened by today's turnout, they say they each have a reason to keep searching. 

"I have to keep in the back of my mind, there's a four year old, it could have been mine. It could have been my son, it could happen to anyone," said Savannah Dwairi.

"It's never a good thing when a kid gets lost because you never know what has happened. You know the family is probably in duress, mother is probably distraught so I thought it was important to kind of help any way I can," said Stephan Crawford. 

Dwairi says the power of social media and word of mouth can play a powerful role in helping to bring Junior home. 

"It does not hurt anyone to share his picture one time or to mention him one time to someone that doesn't know about him. It only takes one set of eyes and one set of ears that's it," she said.

Dwairi also shared that you can search #BringJuniorHome on Facebook to get a photo to share and more information. 

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