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The Power of Blueberries: How Mount Grace is helping recovering addicts by building discipleship

DODSON, La - (6/12/18) -- Addiction takes the lives of thousands  of people every year and it nearly took the life of one man at Mount Grace.

"In 2016, I was a horrible heroin addict and cocaine addict down in New Orleans and I needed help. I contacted my mom who was my biggest fan and she walked me to the doors of New Orleans teen challenge," says Stephen Dufour. 

Teen Challenge is an 18 month program that is similar to rehab and is being held at Mount Grace in Dodson. It's one of several centers in the state that is faith-based and gives  students hands-on experience.

"We really believe in the work of our hands. A lot of these guys come off the street and what happens is they've never really had a job before. They stole to make money or they sold to make money. So what we do is we get them in here and we get them cleaned up we teach them how to work again," says Dufour.

From coffee, to candles, and to crosses, the students are getting hands on while living Christian principles. These centers are meant to give people a second chance at life without charging them a cent.

"I found hope. I found peace in my life again," says Dufour.

For many, they say the biggest takeaway from this program is being able to find your true purpose.

"I have a beautiful 8 year old girl, Emmy Grace Dufour. She is my world. I can't wait to go out and be a better daddy. Like I just want to be a good daddy again and my identity is not found in the things I was doing before," says Defour. 

This is the first year they are opening the blueberry farm to the public. Once you are in Dodson, just follow the signs to the blueberry farm and you can pick your own. It is $13 if you pick your own blueberries for a gallons worth and $20 to have Mount Grace campers pick them for you.


For more information on purchasing blueberries, crosses, candles, popcorn, and coffee, head on over to their website at https://louisianateenchallenge.com/. 

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