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Tennessee man inspires during cancer battle with a message to Louisiana friends

RUSTON, La. -  

Mike Pozzi, a man fighting for his life, still spends most of his time thinking of others.

"People say I'm sorry you got cancer I say well it's been a blessing," Pozzi said.

Through his good days and bad days, his mission is still to inspire someone else.
A mission that would've been cut short if it wasn't for, Judi Null,  a woman from Ruston, Louisiana.

"She's an angel," Pozzi said.

During Pozzi's walk across the nation for mental health awareness he found out he was very sick.

"[Judi] is the one responsible for finding that I had cancer and she never met me before or my family," he said.

They've been connected ever since. She's even started a gofundme for his family.

"She's a godsend and an angel she's been a true blessing throughout the whole thing."


Although his spirits are high the doctors aren't giving him long.

"They say anywhere from two days to two months, but only God can judge that call," he said.

He's still inspiring, but the burden of the bills are getting heavier.

"We're at the point where it's hard to pay medical bills or even food sometimes."

Yet still he stays optimistic; even in the face of death.

"Have a pizza party when I die don't be sad go out and have fun celebrate my life," he said.

He hopes a  message from his walk live on long after he's gone.

"All I can say is to anybody out there don't give up you never know what's around the corner just keep on going one step at a time."

To help Mike Pozzi with his medical expenses, click here to go to his GoFundMe page.

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